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Film Photography at McKillops Bridge – Overnight at the Snowy River

mckillops bridge over the snowy river

Film Photography at McKillops Bridge just sounds delightful, right? Well, let me tell you, it could hardly have been any better.

A while ago, McKillops Bridge hit my radar (or GoogleMap) and with very little research, decided to head out that way to see her for myself.

Built between 1931 & 1936, it spans 255m across the Snowy River. Driving in, already cautious of being so far away from civilisation, I took my time and crawled along.

The road in is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in our country. It’s a single lane meant for traffic both ways (not a lane each way, just one lane) with very few cut outs for passing. I was fortunate enough to only encounter other vehicles when I had already pulled over for photo ops.

Arriving about 10 minutes late, I missed the sun hitting the bridge itself but did find a few spots to check out in the morning. A risky balance set-up was used on some rocks for the above image though, so I still made it worthwhile.

The morning was much better. An early start meant I watched the sun rise behind me from the river bank. With plenty of rocks about, I perched at a few different spots and found some compositions. I think I did ok but looking back, I know I could find a few better when I return.

On that note, I’m already planning the return trip to shoot some film photography at McKillops Bridge. As the entire drive out there I was wishing I had brought some friends along, I’m considering hosting a small (film) photographers trip out here and the surrounds. If this may be of interest, reach out and let me know. I’m thinking April, 2022.

Anyway, please enjoy a few of my favourite images.