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Melbourne Street Photography on the Leica Q2Monochrom

skate melbourne street photography

Leica Q2 Monochrom in Melbourne

Melbourne street photography has been on my radar lately. There are so many great photographers around the world, including some incredible humans from right here in Melbourne.

Recently, with the help from some incredible friends & family, I was able to purchase my very first Leica camera. If you’ve looked around my website, you’ll see I’m a huge fan of black & white photographs. So you won’t be surprised that my first Leica is the Q2 Monochrom.

I’m not about to write a full camera review, that’s not me and there’s already plenty of people giving their two cents on YouTube, but let me tell you, if you love black & white photography, this camera is well worth it.

Melbourne Street Photography

But the images below are my addition to Melbourne street photography. These have all been made with my new Leica Q2 Monochrom. Walking the streets of Melbourne, sparking conversations with people, making portraits and images of nothing at all. I certainly wouldn’t class myself as a street photographer, I’m more a portrait photographer so there’s a strong human focus throughout this gallery. Almost every time you see a face in the images below, I have their full permission. We’ve also probably spoken at length about a whole host of topics. 

I hope you enjoy.