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About Gorak Photo

Portrait & Headshot Photographer, Narre Warren

Steve Taylor-Madin, also known as Gorak, is a skilled portrait photographer based in the beautiful suburb of Narre Warren. He has cultivated his craft and expertise in photography for many years now, resulting in a stunning collection of portraits. With a small home studio, Gorak creates a warm and comfortable environment that allows his subjects to feel at ease. His work has been recognized by many for its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Beyond his passion for photography, Gorak also values the power of building strong communities, telling stories, and supporting small businesses. He believes that photography can be an exceptional medium to connect people and convey powerful messages. Through his work, he aims to tell the unique stories of individuals and organizations, showcasing their personality, values and goals.

Gorak is committed to helping small businesses grow in his community by offering his expertise and services in photography. He truly believes that great photography can enhance a business’s branding and online presence, making them stand out in an increasingly competitive market. By working with Gorak, individuals and businesses alike can experience the transformative power of photography.

I grew my photography legs during the last few glory years of BMX magazines, printed advertising and making photographs you can hold and spend time with over and over and over again.

It was BMX that made me first pick up my first Nikon SLR film camera and I feel I haven’t put it down since. BMX, especially the freestyle side of BMX, was about self expression, doing things your own way and showing a unique and personal point of view. This played well along side photography and set the foundations to the images I created.

As you may have already noticed, I have a deep love for black and white photographs, especially portraits. Colours are cool and vibrant and amazing but with black and white, there’s far more feeling to an image. I feel there’s more soul, connection and emotion simply by removing the colour.

For many years, I’ve made photographs with Nikon digital cameras but my film cameras haven’t ever been too far away. Film photography is a whole other level of beauty and a lot of my most recent work has been made on medium format film. Being the technical person I am, I regularly take over the household laundry and develop roll upon roll of black and white film and colour films.

A seeker at heart, scrolling through my print shop, you’ll likely find landscapes and street scenes from adventures near and far. Hiking and bike packing is my escape and my eagerness to push myself have me competing in local Ninja Warrior competitions too.

I spent over 21 years in the bicycle industry which included owning and operating my own award winning bicycle store. During this time, I learned how best to use my photography to not only help build the presence of my store but also those around me. It helped me further develop my style and collaborate on projects that built customer trust and community.

Steve on Australian Ninja Warrior

Steve Taylor-Madin

  • Professional Portrait Photographer
  • Based in Narre Warren, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Studio & environmental portraits
  • Small business social & advertising content
  • E-commerce photography
  • Unique documentary style
  • Extensive knowledge in small business photography
  • Black & White photography specialist
  • Heavy skate & BMX influence
  • Still shoots & develops film
  • Believes print is a necessity 
  • Loves trees, mountains and anything wilderness
  • Once appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior. LOL
about Gorak Photo - a professional portrait of photographer Steve Taylor-Madin in his Narre Warren studio

Our services


Black & white or full colour dramatic, eye-catching portraits for all applications

Business Content

A customisable creative service designed to work with you & your business to help build better customer relationships

Film Developing

Hand processed black & white and colour (C41) film plus 1-on-1 lessons to learn for yourself.

“I would highly recommend Steve to anyone searching for a true professional with an artistic eye to create some of the most beautiful images. I was drawn to Steve's photography long before our session and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.”
“Steve had both his own visions of the shoot and worked with my ideas which resulted in a comfortable and natural session. The time flew by and before I knew it there were all these great photos showing faces and looks that I make all the time but have never really seen for myself. Very illuminating!!”
black and white photograph of construction in melbourne photo of the day

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