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Who is Gorak Photo?

Professional BMX & Action Sports Photographer

Gorak is a Professional Photographer

Gorak has been a photographer since 2001

Who is Gorak Photo? That's the question everyone wants to know!

Steve Taylor-Madin is a portrait, sports & fine art photographer from Melbourne, Australia. An energetic and passionate young bloke who strives to get the most out of life. Steve is a husband, father, bicycle enthusiast and Ninja Warrior.

Growing up, Steve found Bicycle MotoCross (BMX) and followed that into a 20+ year long career. It was the freestyle side of BMX that helped Mr Taylor-Madin develop and nurture the creative, hands-on-everything approach to the world, tackling every aspect of the bicycle industry he could find. Steve worked retail, wholesale, bicycle mechanics, graphic & bicycle design, marketing, purchasing, finance and for a number of years, ran his own award winning bicycle store in Bentleigh East/Murrumbeena.

An eye for details has meant that Steve always excelled in what he does. Creating a good name for quality, he is renowned for building strong wheels, excellent bicycle servicing and of course, making dramatic, eye-catching photographs.

The name actually comes from a South Park episode. Ask Steve about it at your next session!

Loved by Many

From my perspective, I think you did an incredible job and I absolutely love the shots you took!!! And so do all my family and friends who have seen them
NewBorn Photography
Aaron & Cassie
We started working with Steve about 12 months ago, and found that through quality images & content, we could place our customers at the front of our whole business image.
BMX, sports & event photo at Rampfest, Melbourne
Chris - Rampfest CEO
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