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Melbourne Photo Walks

Melbourne Photo Walks start here! Walk, talk, make some photographs and create new friendships with like-minded people.

On the first Sunday of every month in 2023, we’ll get together and walk the streets, paths or anywhere we decide and shoot photographs while we do it. Below is the list of dates, times, locations and, if there is one, a walk theme.

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January 1st, 2023

This is our first official Melbourne Photo Walk.

rough map of the January 2023 melbourne photo walk

Our First Official Melbourne Photo Walk. It’s a gentle introduction into walking with cameras, lol.

Near the food court in Melbourne Central, just underneath the big cone thing that probably has a name I could’ve google’d but didn’t, there is a piano. We’ll meet close to this point and walk from there.

A loose map has been drawn that is open for change as we wander. Starting in Melbourne Central, we head out towards the Library then up to Carlton Gardens. From there past the Melbourne Museum, University of Melbourne and back towards Melbourne Central.

The loop is approximately 4km. Non-stop walking would be about 50minutes so we expect this walk to go for up to 3 hours including making photographs, coffee stops and general foofing about!

February 5th, 2023

Royal Botanical Gardens

After a scorching hot walk on Jan. 1st, we’re hoping for either slightly lower temperatures or a cooler breeze but if we can’t have those, we’re going to walk amongst the trees in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Victoria.

Averaging out the responses from our form submissions, we’re meeting at 10am on or near the Flinders St Station front steps. We’ll walk down St Kilda rd towards the garden and then in and around, stopping at a few key points along the way.

On our return journey we’ll slide on down to the “Vault” otherwise known as the Melbourne Peril and then back to Flinders St via Southbank.

According to the map, this walk is just shy of 7km. We walk at a pace that suits pretty much anyone and, although Google says it’ll take about and hour and a half, I estimate we’ll take far longer as we talk, make photographs and generally foof about.

March 5th, 2023

Monochrome March

monochrome map of a photo walk in melbourne, 2023

It’s Monochrome March!

Well clearly I like my black and white images but the idea was put forth by another walk club member and so it took little to no effort for me to agree.

The quiet, secluded and long lost alley ways of melbourne should provide a great opportunity to wipe our images of colour and focus on monochrome imagery.

With that being said, monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean black and white so if you want to shoot monochromatic images with colour, by all means.

Starting our walk at the familiar steps of Flinders St, we’ll head towards some alleyways beyond Lizzy St and down towards Southern Cross Station. I pre-walked this route recently and with plenty of cafes along the way, this is set to be a slower paced walk with plenty of options to go off route, stop for coffee, and discover many of Melbourne’s hidden gems.

We’ll be meeting at 10am and will return to Flinders St Station by no later than 3pm.

April 2nd, 2023

ROAD TRIP - Walhalla, Vic.

photo walk to Walhalla

This is our first road trip photo walk.

Walhalla is a gold mining town approximately 2.5 – 3 hours from Melbourne. Walking the main street has a feeling of stepping back in time. There’s plenty to photograph from old buildings, creeks, old mining ruins and of course, the cemetery on the hill.

Ideally, we’d get out there by 9am to hopefully catch some misty and glorious mountain views as the sun creeps across the sky. The walk on the 2nd of April clashes with the Melbourne Grand Prix and is the week prior to the school holidays so crowds in Walhalla should be at a minimum making photographs much nicer, in my opinion.

As this is a road trip, we’ll definitely need you to register for the walk. If you have a car and can drive/take passengers, let us know.

May 7th, 2023

Yarrville - Seddon - Footscray

map of Yarraville to Footscray - a photo walk in melbourne

The inner west in May; plenty of character, colour and good people as we meander through the streets with this months’ walk host, Peter.

We will start the next monthly photo walk at Yarraville Train Station, under the oaks full of autumn colour.

Yarraville was named Time Out‘s fifth coolest suburb in the world in 2020 so our walk will give us a great chance to explore the village.

The Sun Theatre, polka dot crossings, meeting the locals sipping coffees at the numerous cafes will be some of the highlight. I’ll also introduce you to the blue cottage, rainbow painted building amongst other things. From here will will wander the train line to Seddon. The walk is meant to take about 15 minutes but with so much to see (& make photographs of) it will no doubt take us longer. Full of plenty of street art, Seddon is the equal of Yarraville when it comes to things to photograph. Keep your eyes out for vintage cars and autumn colour.

From Seddon it is a hop, skip and jump to the culturally diverse suburb that is Footscray. We can explore the market, ask the locals for a portrait and photograph this very unique Melbourne suburb. And finally, our walk will finish at Footscray train station.

June 4th, 2023

Abbotsford Convent

What? It’s June already?

As the first month of Winter and the cold and wet no doubt about to hit us hard, we’re starting to lock in places that may have some covered areas, new vibes and cafes to sit and ponder all things photography.

This month, we’re heading to the Abbotsford Convent where we’ll hopefully be able to find a table at a cafe and perhaps even wander the grounds in search of images. 

For those who love a Sunday sleep in, we’re meeting at 11am near the front gates.

Pack your film, memory cards and let’s make some photographs.

July 2nd, 2023

Coffee and Cameras

More talk than walk this month as we’re heading indoors, sitting around a table and discussing each other’s photography.

Bring some prints or email me an image or two for the group to discuss.

August 6th, 2023

In Studio Portrait Session

Get ya hair done, my friends, we’re heading into the portrait studio. It’s small and cozy so we may need to cap numbers and there’ll be a small $10 charge to cover studio hire. But come along, test out how to use some studio lights.

We opted for the indoors option this month in anticipation for rain. It’s Melbourne, it could rain, or it could be sunny. Or it could be both – who knows. If it’s not raining, the studio is located amongst some crispy factories so a small walk could be done in and around those.


Please note, this studio is above Curbside Coaching and will be hosting lessons during the time we are here. We ask that you please avoid disrupting the classes as best as possible.

September 3rd, 2023

Afternoon beach vibes down in Portsea, Victoria

Load some Kodak Portra 400 and let’s shoot some tones & vibes.

Portsea is right down at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula and boasts some great sights. Starting at the Portsea Pier, we’ll wander around town with no real set route, leaving the direction up to the entire crew.

Depending on how the day pans out, we may even head over to the Portsea back beach and check out the London Bridge lookout.

The Portsea suggestion came from good friend Lisa Hurley. If you’d like to suggest a walk location, be sure to let us know.

October 1st, 2023

Melbourne CBD

join us on a melbourne photo walk

Wander the Melbourne CBD with no real plan or direction.

With the idea we’ll meet some new people and ask if they’d like to make portraits, we’ll walk the streets and make photos of whatever, & whoever, we find.

(note: when making portraits with strangers, please ask for permission first)

November 5th, 2023

7 Hillcrest Ave

montsalvat photo walk

As seen in the photograph, Montsalvat is where I got married and an absolutely stunning location.

Not nearly regularly enough, we like to head back here to reminisce and wander around to find things we missed. In November, I invite you to join us at Montsalvat and see what delights it has to offer.

Montsalvat does charge an entry fee of $14 per person.

There is a restaurant that from memory does coffee, too.

December 3rd, 2023

Melbourne - a long LOOP from Southern Cross Station to Flinders St

map of the Melbourne photo walk by Gorak Photo

This is the final photo walk for 2023.

And for that reason, we’re returning to Melbourne.

Starting at Southern Cross Station – it will always be Spencer St Station to me, sorry/not sorry – we’ll head north-west and then LOOP back and head towards Flinders St Station.

According to the Google Map, it’s about 5km-6km. 

We’ll meet at 10am and take our time to walk the route, photographing anything and everything we find.

On that, please be mindful of photographing people.

Register for each walk here

Fill out the form below and let us know you’re going to attend a walk.

black and white photograph of construction in melbourne photo of the day

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