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Using Ilford FP4 for Fashion – Film Shoot with Molly

darkroom printed contact sheet from using ilford fp4 for fashion

Using Ilford FP4 for fashion may not seem like the best choice but when the creative style is entirely up to me, I’m almost always going to choose this black & white film.

As the sun slowly fell from the sky and shadows grew long, Molly donned a few stunning garments from Tulle Addict

Officially, I was along for the ride. Brought in to assist Connor & Molly with their behind the scenes footage but asked to also bring my camera. Being mindful of not stepping on anyones toes or shooting over the shoulder of anyone else, I hung back and held reflectors and carried things as requested.

It wasn’t long before Molly asked me to also shoot some things and my image ideas were formed. The initial concept was to have Molly draped across the fallen branch like a rag doll but probably a million ants were busy working there so, as not to disturb their important business, we moved on.

Why Ilford FP4 is my go to

Ilford FP4 Plus has something about it. A higher contrast film compared to the popular Ilford HP5, the deep blacks of this film suit my style well. This is why using Ilford FP4 for fashion makes sense to me. Ya feel?

It is certainly a little harder to get ‘right’ but boy oh boy, when you do, oh it’s just magic. The punch Ilford FP4+ packs is nothing short of amazing, in my opinion, and coupled with fading light, a unique Tulle creation and the dark hair of Molly, you get an image that makes my heart sing.

We’ve only made one or two darkroom prints from this set so far but more are on the list. We’ll get there in good time – you can’t rush these things. That’s why I like shooting film.

Models, Designers and assistants

Model: Molly Richardson

Designer: Madi – Tulle Addict

Photographer/Assistant: Connor

Black & White Film Photographer: ME

Bonus Photographs on the Leica Q2 Monochrom

As you’ve probably seen elsewhere on our website, I also make photographs with a Leica Q2 Monochrom. Well naturally, I brought it out once I’d finished the roll of Ilford FP4 Plus and made some extra portraits.

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