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Photo Of The Day: March 2023

black and white photograph of construction in melbourne photo of the day

Photo of the day, or POTD, used to be one of those super popular hashtags on Instagram. All the cool kids posted with that hashtag and the rest of us were witness to some pretty darn amazing photography.

Approximately a year ago, I managed to purchase a Leica Q2 Monochrom, with an incredible amount of support from some magic friends, for my fortieth birthday. The small, compact yet powerfully wonderful camera changed the way I was able to make photographs. It became a staple accessory to my every day wardrobe. 

There became almost absolutely no reason I’d leave my home without said camera. Man, even at home sometimes I wouldn’t walk around without the Q2M, unwilling to not document every part of my daily life. Nothing was too boring, too uninteresting, too ‘everyday’ to miss out on a moment in the limelight. 

“You gotta post multiple times a day!”

Towards the end on 2022, I was feeling like Instagram was crushing my soul. I was trying to keep up with what the professional Instagrammers were saying and posting to my ‘feed’ every day, or multiple times a day but it didn’t feel real or meaningful in the slightest. Photography isn’t meant to be viewed on a 2″ screen. And I don’t particularly care for making funny lip synced videos.

That was when I started (or restarted) making small and hopefully more meaningful blog posts here on my website. Writing longer articles, adding more images and viewing my small creations on a larger screen. Yes, I am aware that some of these are still viewed on a mobile device, sad face, but I suggest you open the laptop and see things slightly larger than your phone.

I was feeling so much better, writing about things a little more and telling deeper stories and posting to instagram far less frequently. Breaking the ‘post every day’ habit was tough but I would see that my last post was 16 hours earlier and so I would wait. I’d wait a day, two days or like right now, my last post was 4 days ago. This feels better.

Photo Of The Day & Images that disappear

But what I enjoyed along with this is sharing brief windows into my daily world via the story function. Images that last only 24 hours, get a little bit of attention, then disappear. A bunch of my personal ‘photo of the day’ contributions simply titled “today” in my stories were gathering in a small folder on my Mac.

And so it occurred to me, some of these photos need to be seen for longer, and larger. One of the images below sucks on a small screen but when it’s seen in a bigger format, all these intricate details come to life. So, this article, these photos, they’re all about March, 2023. What life was like in March. 31 of my favourite photo of the day posts. Some didn’t actually make the photo of the day insta story but they need to see the light of day here. Likewise, some that did make it to the Insta-Story, aren’t present here. I’ve shared one per day in March. 

Thank you and be sure to check back for April’s Photos of the Day!

black and white photograph of construction in melbourne photo of the day

Images look better when they're bigger

Please consider viewing my website on a device larger than a phone – or don’t. I’m just happy you’re here! Thank you!