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Melbourne Photo Walk Video by Lisa

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join us on a melbourne photo walk

A Melbourne photo walk video was pieced together by good friend and most excellent human being, Lisa Hurley. Check it out below.

Have you heard about our small monthly Melbourne photo walk?

Each month in 2023, a small group of photography and camera enthusiasts get together, walk around parts of Melbourne in search of the perfect image.

Sometimes we stick close to the CBD while other times we venture far into the wilderness and beyond.

There’s been months where the call of a warm, cozy cafe has been too strong to pass up and we’ve sat for far too long, drinking way more cups of coffee than we probably should and discuss our work and ask for critique to help us grow.

We’re more than halfway through the year and into the final stretch of walks so, if spending a few hours with camera nerds sounds like your cup of tea, or coffee, or sparkling water, be sure to sign up for the updates and come along.

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