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Melbourne Gymnastics at Wilson Botanical Gardens

will shurey backflip - gymnastic photoshoot

Flipping Outside - Melbourne Gymnastics Photoshoot

Melbourne gymnastics clubs are in high demand right now. Now that the Olympics are over and the hype is still fresh, Will Shurey & I headed out to flip about in our local park.

As the sun went down – admittedly much faster than anticipated – we strolled around Berwick’s Wilson Botanical Park in search for the perfect spot.

Casey Council have been working tirelessly to update & upgrade the gardens and the new water feature helped find the first location.

Will Shurey is one of Melbourne’s top gymnasts and effortlessly flipped by the water’s edge while I waited for gaps in the hordes of visitors to the Berwick gardens.

The second location was much more difficult to photograph. A popular spot for kids & families, we couldn’t set up safely while there was still sunlight. So we waited.

Will, the professional he is, performed backflip after backflip in a small space under tree branches and with only the light from my Profoto B10+’s. 

Please, scroll through the small gallery of photos below.

Gorak Photo is a Melbourne portrait photographer who got his start in photography by documenting sports, mostly BMX, a number of years ago. Since then Steve has developed, & continues to develop his style and expertise. If you have an idea that needs sports photography, please don’t hesitate to call.

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