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2020 BMX magazine Issue 25

Published Work

Published work in magazines, DVD’s, t-shirts and more.
Ever-evolving range of products and places where our work is being published.

Published work and magazine features were the key work in my early days of photography. Things have developed and progessed far differently to what I’d imagined since then but I still find my work in print every so often.

It was the Australian BMX magazines the first got me interested in photography. I was heavily into riding those little kids bikes and when a decent injury put me off the bike for a while, I picked up a camera. My goal was simple; document my friends riding BMX and try to get them published in a magazine.

Early on, in the early 2000’s, a lot of my work made it into BMXPress magazine. Warwick provided me many fantastic opportunities and it was phenomenal to start getting regular articles published.

As I developed my photography, I set my eyes on 2020 BMX Mag. That to me was where I really started to think I could make something of photography.

Over about 10 years, I managed to shoot a few cover photos. Each time I’d do a little dance of joy. 

Since these BMX magazines aren’t printed really anymore, I’ve had to redefine what I do. A lot of my documentary style & sports photography is for local small business. It then heads to online blogs, advertising material, social media and LiveBreatheRide. LBR is my own small creation for all thing s bicycle, mental health and my new love, Ninja Warrior.

“I would highly recommend Steve to anyone searching for a true professional with an artistic eye to create some of the most beautiful images. I was drawn to Steve's photography long before our session and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.”
“Steve had both his own visions of the shoot and worked with my ideas which resulted in a comfortable and natural session. The time flew by and before I knew it there were all these great photos showing faces and looks that I make all the time but have never really seen for myself. Very illuminating!!”
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