Gorak in Print

It was the Australian BMX magazines the first got me interested in photography. I was heavily into riding those little kids bikes and when a decent injury put me off the bike for a while, I picked up a camera. My goal was simple; document my friends riding BMX and try to get them published in a magazine.

Early on, in the early 2000’s, a lot of my work made it into BMXPress magazine. Warwick provided me many fantastic opportunities and it was phenomenal to start getting regular articles published.

As I developed my photography, I set my eyes on 2020 BMX Mag. That to me was where I really started to think I could make something of photography.

Over about 10 years, I managed to shoot a few cover photos. Each time I’d do a little dance of joy. 

Since these BMX magazines aren’t printed really anymore, I’ve had to redefine what I do. A lot of my documentary style & sports photography is for local small business. It then heads to online blogs, advertising material, social media and LiveBreatheRide. LBR is my own small creation for all thing s bicycle, mental health and my new love, Ninja Warrior.

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