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The Coffee Project

A Mental Health Initiative

Join me in the Coffee Project. Connecting with friends & loved ones is human. With social media taking centre stage, it’s easy to feel closer to each other than ever before. Regular status updates and pretty pictures in an ever-changing news feed means we almost always know everyone’s movements. But it’s also easy to feel isolated. Enter a growing rate of mental health battles and we realise something isn’t quite as it seems.

That is where the coffee & cameras project was born. While the phrase “I’m here if you need” comes from a place of kindness and care, it can often fall way short of it’s intended purpose. Hearing that all too often when I’ve been in my own crises, this is my attempt to take action.

Join me for a coffee; perhaps two. Over the course of a few hours, we can talk about whatever comes up. We can talk about our ails or just the weather. Nothing is forced. Sometimes conversations get real deep, real quick. Other times it’s as light as a feather and we’re high-fiving for hours. The key is not the topic, nor the coffee. The main thing is we’re out with people and talking.

This project is on-going. Every week I hope to add another portrait or more. Knowing that by speaking to friends, family or even complete strangers, actively reaching out and doing my small piece to make a difference greatly impacts my own mental health journey.

What does The Coffee Project mean?

Each time I head out for coffee, I shoot a portrait or two of the person or persons joining me.

I use a Nikon D4s with an old manual 28mm f2.8 lens attached. That lens is a real treat. It has rough edges that I think make the photographs. I use the in-camera black & white and sometimes make minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom like some film grain and maybe a bit of dodging & burning. Otherwise, they’re straight outta the camera.

So, it’s calls Coffee & Cameras because we get coffee and I shoot a photo with my camera. Simple, huh!

Let's Grab A Coffee!

I’d love to sit down with you over a coffee or two. If this sounds like something you’re into & you’re somewhere in melbourne, Australia, use the form below and let’s didgeridoo this!

“I would highly recommend Steve to anyone searching for a true professional with an artistic eye to create some of the most beautiful images. I was drawn to Steve's photography long before our session and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.”
“Steve had both his own visions of the shoot and worked with my ideas which resulted in a comfortable and natural session. The time flew by and before I knew it there were all these great photos showing faces and looks that I make all the time but have never really seen for myself. Very illuminating!!”
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