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Cars On Film. Car Photographs Made On Ilford FP4+

ford galaxie shot on Ilford FP4 black & white film

Cars on Film. No, not the movie Cars but me, shooting old cars using my favourite film, Ilford FP4+.

Near the end of our last Melbourne lockdown, I scored myself a Paterson film developing kit and I’ve been putting it to work ever since. In a little over a month, I’d almost say I’ve developed a good 10-15 rolls of black & white film. It’s been an enjoyable journey. A journey I’ve been lucky enough to share with my daughter, but more on that at a later stage.

Anyway, while gear acquisition can often be seen as a negative, I’ve been using it to further develop my photography and thirst for creating images. So with that, here are a few photographs from both my Bronica SQ-b & my Nikon F5.

Also, prints will be available soon & I’m considering making a small book/zine as well. Thanks for reading.