About Gorak


I did one of those Facebook quiz things¬†once. Says it all really but it was to test for¬†your most dominant personality trait. My result was passion. There’s something about a Barnum statement here but I would 100% believe this to be spot on. Everything I do is done with every once of passion I have. As a photographer, it’s with passion that you go looking for the picture; you hunt down the ultimate angle and draw out every last bit of character in a person or a scene and do your best to portray them as they are meant to be. That is what I do. No, that is why I do. Everyone and everything has a story and it’s my passion to help you tell it.

Let’s go on a little journey. I’ll follow you, you follow me; either way we’ll have fun and grab some memories for the wall while we’re going!

Here’s the stats:

Full Name:
Stephen Taylor-Madin


Mother Earth, People, Love, Bicycles

Years as a photographer
At least 16+